OSH Policies and Procedures

OSH Policies customized and branded for your company by JSEAsy

You must ensure that information, training and instruction provided to a worker is suitable and adequate having regard to the nature of the work carried out by the worker. An employer or manager must ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that the information, training and instruction provided to a worker is provided in a way that is readily understandable by any person to whom it is provided.

Having clear policies is vital to ensuring the who and when as well as the do's and don'ts whilst working for your company are well defined.

The following polices and procedures are included in the JSEAsy Premium version or available for purchase individually.
OSH - Form 04 - OSH Policy
OSH - Form 05 - OSH Policy Statement
OSH - Form 08 - Rehabilitation Policy Statement
OSH - Form 09 - Rehabilitation Policy
OSH - Form 17 - Subcontractor Safety Notification
OSH - Form 21 - Workplace Health and Safety Audit Matrix
OSH - Form 22 - Workplace Health and Safety Management Plan
OSH - Form 23 - Environmental Policy Statement
OSH - Form 27 - JSEA Preparation Flow Chart
OSH - Form 32 - Working at Heights Policy
OSH - Form 33 - Drugs and Alcohol Policy
OSH - Form 34 - Harassment, Discrimination and Workplace Bullying Policy
OSH - Form 37 - Manual Handling Policy
OSH - Form 38 - Work tools & equipment checks policy and procedure
OSH - Form 39 - Fall From Height - Emergency Response Procedure - if access equip on site
OSH - Form 40 - Fall From Height - Emergency Response Procedure - No access equip on site
OSH - Form 41 - EWP - Emergency Response Procedure
OSH - Form 50 - First Aid risk assessment and procedure
OSH - Form 51 - Hazard and Risk Management Procedure
OSH - Form 54 - OSH Manual
OSH - Form 55 - OSH Policy (Cleaning Industry)
OSH - Form 59 - Fitness For Work - Testing Protocol and Policy
OSH - Form 62 - Chain of Responsibility (CoR) Policy and Procedure

Coming soon in v4.4
OSH - Form 63 Waste Management Plan - Domestic
OSH - Form 64 Workplace Relation and Compliance Statement
OSH - Form 65 Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Statement
OSH - Form 66 OSH Roles and Responsibilities
A full list of the OSH Forms, Policies and procedures included in the premium version can be found here

The documents will be customised for your business and the state or region you operate in. They will reference the applicable Act, Legislation and the regulator for your region.

Whether you operate under the OSH Act, the OHS Act or the WHS Act or the Health and Safety at Work Act we've got you covered.

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