OSH Registers

customised and branded for your company by JSEAsy

The following registers are included in the JSEAsy Premium version or available for purchase individually.
OSH - Form 30 - Adjustable Rope Line Inspection
OSH - Form 28 - Anchor Strap Inspection
OSH - Form 14 - Breach of Safety Notice
OSH - Form 26 – Electrical Tool Testing Register
OSH - Form 48 – Employee Training and Inductions Matrix
OSH - Form 49 – First Aid Kit inspection checklist
OSH - Form 29 - Harness Inspection
OSH - Form 45 - Harness Kit Register
OSH - Form 35 - Horizontal Safety Line Inspection
OSH - Form 56 - Portable RCD Test Logbook
OSH - Form 31 - Shock Absorbing Lanyard Inspection
OSH - Form 52 - Subcontractor OSH & Environmental Compliance Questionnaire
OSH - Form 24 - OSH Induction Questionnaire
OSH - Form 01 - OSH Statutory declaration

A full list of the WHS Forms, Policies and procedures included in the premium version can be found here
The documents will be customized for your business and the state or region you operate in. They will reference the applicable Act, Legislation and the regulator for your region.
Whether you operate under the OSH Act, OHS Act or the WHS Act or the Health and Safety at Work Act we've got you covered.
See Also: OSH Definitions for detailed explanations
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OSH Document register